rentDAX | About your rentDAX passport.

Our rentDAX passport qualification algorithm uses comprehensive credit data and business information provided by RAM Credit Information (RAMCI).

This information includes real-time and instant access to banking information also known as CCRIS from Bank Negara Malaysia.

Partnering Experian Asia Pacific, the leading global information services company, RAMCI also help businesses manage credit risk, prevent fraud using data-driven analytical tools.

RAMCI is also Malaysia’s first Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) to achieve International ISO certification in 2017.

By paying rent on time, tenants improve their credit rating and scoring in the eyes of financial institutions through our partnership with the licensed credit rating agencies.


Benefits of holding a rentDAX passport powered by RAMCI

Build your credibility and ratings as a reliable and responsible tenant.
Improve your credit score and enhance your profile as a credit-worthy customer to financial institutions.
Use your rentDAX passport to apply for your home loans when you are ready to buy your first home.
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