rentDAX | You keep 100% of your commission.

Earn extra RM500
on top of your commission

Get more income for every successful deal with rentDAX.

Attract more tenants,
get more leads
Stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Make your rental listings more appealing by boosting your listings with rentDAX's ZERO Deposit rental scheme. Get more exposure at no cost.
We screen and qualify,
you close faster
We pre-screen tenants for you to help you close faster. We also help you close faster by paying the earnest fee and required deposits for our tenants.
Get good tenants,
protect interest of landlords
We rent directly from your landlords and ensure prompt rental payment every month. We screen and qualify all our tenants with our proprietary rentDAX certification algorithm.
How does it work?

Easy and hassle-free, we help you close faster and serve your landlords better.

Being a rentDAX partner
It's just a better way to boost demand of your rental listings with no additional cost. You can also close faster because we rent directly from the landlord.
Making it work for you
You can choose not to offer rentDAX to your landlords and tenants. Use it only to close the deal faster with landlords who are open to sub-letting their properties, and for tenants who want to free up their cash.
Managing damages or unpaid rent
We are liable for any damages or unpaid rent. With a detailed inventory list (photos) and stringent checking out process, we do our best to help resolve any potential disputes upfront. Delinquent sub-tenants will have their passport revoked and reported to our credit reporting agency partners.
We want to work with you

We're already working with Malaysia's leading real estate agencies, are you next?
Our dedicated rentDAX Agent Engagement Team will provide you with all the information you need to start closing faster.

Good for tenants, great for landlords

rentDAX is Malaysia's first DEPOSIT FREE rental platform where tenants rent without the expensive cash commitment locked in as rental deposit. And landlords get their full deposit, timely rental payments, and leave the hassle of managing the tenants to us.

Our Partners

We're already working with Malaysia's leading real estate agencies, are you next?

Henry Butcher
Cornerstone Realty
Prestige Realty
Cozy Homes
Wereg Properties
PTLM Real Estate
Maxxan Realty